Star Wareos

Saw an exceptionally bad commercial tie-in the other days, Oreos, and Star Wars

Here’s the Light Side of The Force display. Apparently Carrie Fischer does not portray Princess Leia any more. Luke has a two fisted grip on his light sabre, if you know what I mean.

Light Side of The Force oreo display

The art for this campaign is off. If you look closely at the “light Side of The Force” display, Yoda appears highly intoxicated.

poorly rendered likeness of Yoda the Jedi

The Dark Side display is no better. On the side of that display, Darth Maul looks like he’s maybe a little too enthused about mopping the floor.

poorly rendered likeness of the Sith Darth Maul

The idea is that you purchase a small package of Oreo™ brand chocolate sandwich cookies.

Star Wars tie-in Oreos package

The package indicates that Greg Hildebrandt did the art. He and his brother Tim did the cover art for the original Sword of Shanarra book. I officially banned that book when my kids were young. No wonder Yoda is drunk, and Darth Maul is a lecher with a mop.

The small packages have Oreos with red or blue “creme” filling. If you get a package with red filling, you’re supposed to join The Dark Side. If you get a package with blue filling, you’re supposed to join The Light Side. I guess the red-filled cookies have a stylized interpretation of Darth Vader on them, and the blue-filled have a wimpy Luke Skywalker embossed on them.

I was kind of hoping for red-filled Oreos, Baked Darth Vader looks cooler than Baked Luke, but I got blue-filled Oreos, with Kyber-inspired sugar crystals. What does that mean?

open package demonstrating I got blue-filled oreos

The Oreos did have rather bad depictions of Luke Skywalker and Yoda on them. I’ve overexposed the following image to allow you to see the glorious Luke and Yoda Oreos.

Incredibly ugly cookies

Yoda looks like a chimpanzee, and Luke has a question mark as a nose.