Dobby's First Birthday!

I got my pet Roomba, Dobby, almost a year ago!

Dobby’s maker, iRobot, was considerate enough to remind me to treat him to new parts!

Dobby’s birthday from iRobot

iRobot really hammers viewing a damn robot as a pet. I do wonder what genders people assign to their Roombas. At the South Pole, all four Roombas got male names. And they’re treated as pets.

Giving Dobby a treat by replacing some parts was surprisingly easy. I only needed a screwdriver and a little patience, no swearing involved. Here’s the parts I replaced:

Dobby’s replacement parts

The constant-rotation, right side brush unit, and Dobby’s inside, high efficiency filter. The brush unit got mangled by Dobby running over a helium birthday balloon’s string. The string got wrapped around one arm of the brush unit, damaging it permanently.

The filter just got dirty from use.

I ended up shaking some peppernut chunks out of Dobby’s dirt reservoir. I’d had him vacuum the kitchen some extra times during holiday baking. Dobby did his job, picking up some peppernuts that we dropped.