Dobby Got Stuck

Last Friday, my roomba, Dobby, got stuck with no real obstacles in sight.

There’s nothing more than a kitchen island in front of Dobby: Dobby, location 1

Here’s where Dobby thought he was stuck:

Dobby, location 1 map

Something’s off. The real location of where Dobby got stuck is actually under the bar of the T in “kitchen”. Something messed up Dobby’s dead reckoning.

Here’s the other place Dobby got stuck:

Dobby, location 2

Basically in the middle of the floor. Unfortunately, Dobby also rebooted, so the map is missing.

Here’s a map from an instance of Dobby ingesting a thread from the edge of a throw rug:

Dobby, location 3 map

He was legitimately stuck that time.

He’s also ingested the string from a helium balloon. The string wound around Dobby’s sweeping rollers, pulling the balloon itself into his front bumper. Instant 360° obstacle.

This other time, Dobby somehow got himself into the space between dining room chair legs. But the Roomba bump-backup-turn algorithm prevented him from getting out. He was embarassingly trapped by 4 chair legs.

Dobby, location 4 map