Dobby: Bumper Stuck

My pet Roomba, Dobby, got a thread wrapped around his constantly rotating whisk brush. Soon after that, a carpet loop got wrapped in there, too.

Dobby the Roomba stuck under a small bench

There’s poor ol’ Dobby, looking like he got stuck for no reason again. I’m really not sure if the thread aided him picking up a loop of carpet or not. You can be the judge. Here’s a view of the whisking broom with thread wrapped around it. The paler fuzz is the remnant of the carpet thread after I freed Dobby.

Underside view of Roomba with thread wrapped around whisking brush

The loop of carpet prevented Dobby from moving in any direction. The robot voice insisted that Dobby had a “stuck bumper”, and I needed to tap on it a few times to clear whatever was sticking it. “The App” also claimed Dobby was experiencing a stuck bumper.

iRoomba app screenshot warning that Dobby’s bumper is stuck

I just realized that iRobot (the corporation) has a “Vitruvian Roomba” depicted in The App when Dobby gets stuck.

Here’s all the thread I extracted from Dobby’s whisking brush:

View of all the thread extracted from Dobby’s brush

It’s possible that black thread had been wrapped around his whisk for a while. Dobby is not a marine predator and is therefore not countershaded, which makes visual detection of black thread almost impossible