I am that Bruce Ediger. There are at least 3 others, including someone who died a long time ago.

Bruce Ediger’s grave stone

The difference is that I am not dead. This is my personal blog, it has no relationship to anything professional that I, or any other Bruce Ediger, has ever done.

Personally, I’m interested in a lot of things:

  • Computer science
    • Programming languages
    • Operating systems
    • Networking protocols
  • Mathematics, especially foundations of math so:
    • mathematical logic
    • combinatory logic
    • set theory
  • Palaeontology
    • Ammonoids
    • The sweep of time
    • Mass extinctions
  • Space Exploration
    • All technical aspects of rocketry
    • My planet is Mars, I try to follow current Mars exploration missions
  • Science Fiction
    • Not the kind that’s wish fulfillment or fantasy with science-like magic
  • Easy, simple science experiments
  • Contraptions and gizmos
  • Food