Files for a NetBSD/sparc 1.1 version of lcc-3.6. Requires perl (4.036) to compile lcc, and to use lcc as a compiler.

Differences from stock lcc-3.6 sparc distribution:

NetBSD include files are mostly ANSI C compliant to begin with. The original distribution has include files intended for SunOS, which isn't ANSI C compliant at all. NetBSD uses one of the lcc distribution include files, stdarg.h, since the NetBSD stdarg.h is very dependent on the gcc implementation.

I've compiled a bunch of my own C programs, including some with flex, yacc and spin output, and even the twm window manager from the X11R6, patchlevel 12 tree. Of course, lcc itself is re-compiled with lcc.

There are limitations in this port. lcc-3.6 is pretty much stuck on the idea of 32-bit int and long types. 64-bit types, such as "long long" are pretty close to impossible to add to it. The limitation here is that since NetBSD file offsets are 64-bit, system call level file and filesystem manipulation is not possible with this port.

It also requires perl: the compiler driver works over the assembly-language compiler output with a perl script.