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Flaws in OSF DCE Text Editor Research Bibliography The existance and purpose of Zero
Computer viruses under Un*x Linux on Alpha CPU Design of a SPARC Assembler
Source code Windows NT developer's hard choice SPARC CPU technical links
Business press treatment of Microsoft Microsoft shilling and astrotufing How to use FTP in a shell script
Simulating Network Worms Simple recursive function interpreter Combinatory Logic interpreter design
Combinatory Logic interpreter, v1.6 Combinatory Logic with strong reduction Combinatory Logic interpreter with arithmetic combinator bases
Generalized Combinatory Logic interpreter, v1.2 Lambda Calculus interpreter, v1.0 Modern Userland Exec
The Mystery of the Monte Carlo Lock Algorithmically generated Art In the Mode of Mondrian. Benford's Law and Linux file sizes
The Size of The Internet PHParasites: WordPress Malware

Modern Userland Exec

I updated The Grugq's userland exec for the 20xx's, Linux 3, Glibc 2.15 and GCC 4.x. x86 Source code. x86_64 source code.

Lambda Calculus Interpreter

I wrote an interpreter for untyped lambda calculus. It does Beta and Eta reductions, you can define abbreviations, and it has support for repetitive structures like Church Numerals.

Combinatory Logic Interpreters

I wrote an interpreter for Combinatory Logic. I modified it to do strong reduction via the Cβ algorithm. I also wrote an interpreter that does combinatory logic with two different arithmetic combinator bases.

Define your own combinators, bases and even bracket abstraction algorithms with the Generalized Combinatory Logic interpreter. Comes complete with examples of many bases (including 2 λI bases) and abstraction algorithms.

Simple Recursive Function Interpreter

I submit, for your approval, an interpreter for a programming language that closely matches Stephen Kleene's recursive functions.

Simulating Network Worms

I wrote a tech report style document about a Perl framework for simulating things like Code Red or SQLSlammer. Read the document, then download the software to try for yourself. Don't just believe the anti-virus companies and the press, try it for yourself.

Flaws in OSF DCE

Why you shouldn't Use OSF DCE
I wrote this article based on my experience with OSF DCE 1.01 and 1.03 in 1994 and 1995. My 1997 experience wasn't any better.

There are alternatives to DCE. Consider using ONC RPC. The ONC RPC system probably performs better than OSF DCE, and it doesn't possess a lot of the flaws that DCE does.

Go way out on a limb and use the Coda filesystem and the accompanying RPC2 remote procedure call system. An introduction to Coda.

Read Comparing Remote Procedure Calls for another viewpoint.

Object orientation may not solve the problem, either. This guy thinks CORBA is bad, too. A couple of CORBA retrospectives seem to confirm this judgement, but maybe not completely?

Andrew Tannedbaum wrote a critique of RPC in general. That might be worth a look. Tannenbaum has a lot of good ideas.

The circa 2000-2010 XML craze hasn't helped things along any:

This whole "web services" or "SOA" thing is just one big, dumb excuse to buy more hardware. SOAP is tied pretty closely to Java and/or the abominable ripoff of Java, C#. Stray too far from one or the other, and you won't have an interoperable relationship. Ha ha.

Text Editor Research Bibliography

"The comparison of widely varying text editors has only recently evolved beyond subjective preference and name-calling." - Nathaniel S. Borenstein, 1985.
Text Editor Research Bibliography
Yes, research shows that there is a perfect text editor! Until someone writes it, please use the next-best text editor vim!. Vim FAQ. Laurent Duperval's vim FAQ. Vi Lovers Home Page contains tutorials and other vital information.

The existance and purpose of zero

There Is No Zero
A kooky rant on the existance and purpose of Zero.

Unix Computer Viruses

Computer viruses under Unix
A small bibliography on the subject, and a question. I wrote this a long time ago. You could substitute "Linux" or "FreeBSD" for "Unix" in the article, and come up with much the same conclusion.

Linux on an Alpha CPU

My Linux/Alpha experience
This is the story of how I got Red Hat Linux 4.0 running on a Digital Equipment Corporation computer with an Alpha CPU.

Design of a SPARC Assembler

Design of a SPARC Assembler
A description of my last big personal programming project, a SPARC V8 assembler

SPARC CPU technical links

My collection of SPARC-related technical links.

Source code for some programs I wrote, including:


Boycott Microsoft. Monopolies are bad. Unregulated monopolies are even worse.

Read why Windows NT developers face a difficult choice, and what I think the bad effects of Windows NT will be. Consider this side-by-side comparison of Windows NT to Sun's Solaris when choosing what OS to use. Consider the factor of 2 to 7 loss of performance that Harvard experimenters documented for Windows NT versus NetBSD on the same hardware. I think the evidence is in. The conclusion has to be that developing for NT is a mistake.

Here's an example of how Microsoft gets soft treatment in the business press.

Monopolies often fail to innovate. Microsoft is no exception.

If you buy a major brand PC, you are required to buy a Microsoft operating system. If this isn't a monopoly shafting trapped consumers, I don't know what is. The Consumer Federation of America estimated $10 billion in Microsoft overpricing due to its monopoly.

If you want to buy a laptop and not purchase a Microsoft operating system, you might want to bear in mind this Australian's experience.

Microsoft fired an auditor for blowing the whistle on certain accounting practices that affect MSFT stock values.

Microsoft paid for newspaper ads that the Independent Institute nominally put out.

Microsoft (convicted of illegal monopoly maintenance) also pays consulting companies to portray Microsoft viewpoints as that company's viewpoint.

On April 10, 1999 the Los Angeles Times reported that Microsoft "has secretly been planning a massive media campaign designed to influence state investigators by creating the appearance of a groundswell of public support for the company". Plans for the campaign included planting articles, and commissioning letters to the editor and opinion pieces written by Microsoft media handlers, but presented as "spontaneous testimonials."

Any pro-Microsoft viewpoint portrayed in a public or advertising-supported forum must be examined carefully. The advocate of that viewpoint may be a paid propagandist, and not at all who or what they say they are.

Microsoft's WebTV subsidiary spys on its customers.

Microsoft Corp.'s WebTV Networks Inc. is quietly using a system-polling feature that can extrapolate subscriber information from each of its 450,000 users to better serve advertisers, said Steve Perlman, president of WebTV.

Test Server. Full of honey pots.

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